Saturday, October 24, 2009

If you invite someone to your yahoo messenger?

If you invite someone to your yahoo messenger, and they havent accepted your invitation yet and it says beside their name, add request pending. If you send them messages as if they had already accepted, will they get them when they do accept?
If you invite someone to your yahoo messenger?
If you ask a add request pending and they dont accept you, That sentence of " Add request pending" Will no longer be there. And their id will be deleted automaticlly. And if you sign in later yahoo will send you a massage of " Big_monster(its just a id for example) doesnt want to you see her/him that when she/he is online"

And if they accept you inventation, well ofcource they will get whatever you send them

Im really, sorry if i have answered something wrong, or didnt answered. Because your question is so fast. Well, if i didnt answer something propably just email me and ask the same question, i will surely help you

Reply:Even your invitation was denied, if you are not on their ignore list, you can still send them messages and for sure they will receive.

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