Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't they usually only invite three people to New York?

I only Remember McFadden, Quinn, and Smith being ivited last year
Don't they usually only invite three people to New York?
They invite 3-5 depends on how clase they are in votes
Reply:i think crabtree should have at least got a shot, 21 touchdowns speaks for its self
Reply:no that would be against the law anybody can go to new york,this is still a free country***********
Reply:It depends on how close the voting is, they won't invite everyone who got a vote or two, but if five or more players got significant numbers of votes, they will all be invited.
Reply:I have seen it where they invite around 5 to the ceremony..
Reply:I am disappointed that Michael Crabtree isn't there. That guy is a beast.
Reply:dude, its always the top 5 candidates

How Can I Get an invite for It-Leaked.com?

I don't have an account for anything and I don't know anyone that has an account. Am I royally screwed or what?!

if you could email me an invitation perhaps it would be greatly appreciated (:

How Can I Get an invite for It-Leaked.com?
Invite sent.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! sen me an invitation Report Abuse

Reply:i need someone to invite me to it-leaked PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!! Report Abuse

Can someone explain the new "Invite Co-Manager" feature in Yahoo!'s fantasy sports hockey?

I just found this "invite co-manager" option after clicking on "edit team info". I can't find any help pages that explain it in more detail. E.g., if I'm the commissioner of a private league and invite a co-manager for my team, will they also have commissioner privileges?
Can someone explain the new "Invite Co-Manager" feature in Yahoo!'s fantasy sports hockey?
Yes, that's exactly right. They could do all the things you could.
Reply:It's a great feature if your going to be away on vacation. You can let someone else handle commish duties.

I need to decline an invite to the evening party of a wedding, where can I find stationery for this online?


Or even Ebay 8o)
I need to decline an invite to the evening party of a wedding, where can I find stationery for this online?
Hey try confetti.co.uk

Reply:Use the reply card that came with the invitation.
Reply:You need stationary to Delcine an invitation?

Typically you send back the reply card or RSVP by phone.

Your response doesn't have to be PRETTY. The person(s) who extended the invitation is going to getting a bunch back (hopefully) and, as such is not concerned with aesthetics.
Reply:i dont think any one understands ur question
Reply:try any good card shop
family name

I'm throwing a tripe and onion party, whom should I invite?

Invite me, invite me!
I'm throwing a tripe and onion party, whom should I invite?
Tripe is actually not too bad when cooked correctly, its the onion part....liver and onion sounds worse...Is there a reason for the party? Or is the party to celebrate your liking for the specified food??? If not, just send a regular invite but do specify the menu, then also suggest to have eaten prior to arriving at the festivity....
Reply:French people like it--or at least they'll eat it as "tripes 脿 la mode de Caen," which is essentially tripe and onions, but it also has carrots and/or leeks in it, and/or shallots, garlic, marrow (from the marrow bones that you cook with it), celery leaves, a bouquet garni, and a healthy cup or two of Calvados (this being basically a Norman-French recipe), which is goooood Norman-French applejack. If I didn't have Calvados, myself, I'd use Armagnac; though that would earn me boos and hisses from the tripes 脿 la mode de Caen purists. Still, I think it would taste good.
Reply:obama and the democrates in congress
Reply:Gordon Ramsey %26amp; Heston Blumenthal.
Reply:People who like tripe and onion. That would be your best bet.
Reply:Me. I've never eaten tripe and have always wonder what it's like.
Reply:Does anyone even like tripe and onions? Yeech.
Reply:My mother in law, and the rest of my husbands family. They all talk tripe anyway.
Reply:Bankers they are full of tripe and something that sound like tripe...he he he..
Reply:Anyone who does not care what they eat.
Reply:People who don't care about what their breath is going to smell like after dinner!
Reply:not me busy that night but thanks anyway lol
Reply:anyone you want............but............they wont turn up i betcha

Do you think that when you choose not to trust, you invite those who are untrustworthy into your life?

No, not necessarily, I would think that if you choose not to trust, you will continue to attract those that are trustworthy as well as those that are untrustworthy. In choosing not to trust you may be doing yourself a great injustice, and limiting yourself in regards to friends and relationships.

The key, I believe is to become a good observer, and to go with your gut instincts. I have found over time, that my instincts are almost always correct.

Although I wouldn't consider myself to be an expert on this topic as I always choose to "trust" (based on my instincts)at least initially.
Do you think that when you choose not to trust, you invite those who are untrustworthy into your life?
No, I don't believe that to be true, when you don't have trust in anyone,it could be because of some incident in your Life that happened that won't let you have any trust whatsoever with anyone.

You might try to change your ways by being somewhat sincere with People but almost always, you see the flaws they have and will return to the same Person you were before.

So I, do not think that if you choose not to trust you will try to attract those that are untrustworthy.

I think when you trust no one in your life then you have no one in your life. Everyone is on the outside and you are on the inside looking out. All relations with others is surface.

Actually it is just the opposite, when you are a trusting person you are more likely to admit into your life those who are not trustworthy because you are admitting just about everyone.
Reply:No because that would mean that all people are trustworthy and if you decide to not trust them they suddenly become untrustworthy.

Logical answer can sometimes be to obvious to accept, but if logic is used correctly, it can't be wrong because the whole point of logic is to come to the right conclusion using the right data.

[edit]But than again, I was sloppy in my logic because human interaction is far to complex a subject to ever perfectly generalize.
Reply:Quite the opposite. I think because you have invited the untrustworthy into your life in the past, it has caused you not to trust. You now don't trust anyone because of your experiences and therefore see others as untrustworthy.
Reply:damn you got a good point.a lover had lied to me and i found out my brother is a thief, so i kinda stopped trusting anyone. reflecting on that, virtually all the folk that have been stopping in have stolen, taken something without asking or else just use me.
Reply:I don't think so. I thinks its a kind of interpersonal "shut down."

I think its okay to do when you need to. Just remember to come out of your shell when you're able:)

peace regards respects

Would you invite someone to a wedding that didn't invite you?

Let's say you had a friend that didn't invite you to their wedding for whatever reason, but that person was ALSO friends with your significant other, fiancee, and they got invited but didn't want you to come.

Would you invite that person to your wedding, even if your fiancee wanted them to come because they were close?

what would you do in this situation?
Would you invite someone to a wedding that didn't invite you?
I would invite them, smile %26amp; then make a comment to her at the wedding reception:) I am also wondering (like others) why Peter did not stick up for you back then, and allowed this and is still friends with this couple, as this seems rude to him %26amp; you both. But yes, I would be the "bigger person now, but I'd get a dig in. If it's really bothering you though hun, put your bridal foot down %26amp; say "NO WAY" and cut them off (or her) and let Peter deal with it - he should have done so a year ago
Reply:Peter should have stuck up for Shelby and defended her first off. He needs to tell Jane/John that their action was completely uncalled for and if they are adults they should understand the situation they have created. I (as Shelby) would be pissed. It can be handled two ways. First, don't invite them because of what they did to you (Peter can deal with it now, since he didn't stick up for you then.) Or, secondly, be the bigger person and invite them and be sweet as pie to them. Go overboard and kill them with kindness. Many times that is the best option.
Reply:I wouldn't. It is your special day, you can invite whoever you wish. The general rule is, you are not obligated to invite someone who didn't invite you to their wedding.
Reply:After just reading the title i immediatly thought yes...

My aunt only invited me to her evening do, though my parents were at the day. When planning my own it didnt even cross my mind not to have her at the ceremony. I know she could only have 40 ish at the day and mine is 80 and i had a hard time limiting myself to that so i can imagine how she felt with only half that.

Your situation is totally different...

The bitchy side of me says i would just invite John and ditch jane... exactly what they did to you!! See how they like it!!!

My actual answer would be just to invite them... then casually mention at your reception... How does my wedding compare to yours? I cant remember what yours was like at all...

Make them feel bad for what they did. They should have had you there with your fiance or uninvite the other girl too at least.
Reply:Well, If the reason for not being invited to their wedding is the one you stated, then yeah I would be mad, and probaly would not want them at my wedding, especially since they invited my fiance. It seems a little rude to me to invite one person of a couple and not the other, considering proper ettiquite says that if a couple is in a serious relationship, living together, or engaged, then you need to invite both of them.
Reply:Tricky one. I know that my man would have said to me 'it's your day, and I can understand why you don't want them to come'. I sort of feel like the wedding is the brides day.

If they had 'uninvited' me to their wedding, I don't think I'd want them there - say that one of your guest has a problem with one of them and just invite one of them and see how they like it.

I think the way I would feel about it is: if they were *so* close to your fiance, then why was he not offended when they didn't want his fiancee at their wedding?
Reply:It is a wedding , the couple an invite whom ever they want or not , I feel there is no reason not to invite someone just because
Reply:You could hang onto your grudge for a good long time, or you could just let it go and let your fiancee invite his friend.
Reply:Yes I would, because I am not petty like that, and it's not all about the bride, it is the groom's day also. Sometimes I think it is better to be the adult, act like the adult and it puts the other couple to shame for being to small minded.
Reply:The bride and groom should be able to specify guests they would like to have invited. If the groom's friend has a wife or girlfriend, she should be allowed to come as his guest unless there is reason to believe she will make a big scene and ruin the wedding. Chances are, under the circumstances, she will decline the invitation. There is a possibility she will attend and everyone will get over the problem that previously existed and both couples can be friends.
Reply:That's terrible that they invited someone but told them their partner could not come. There are couples where i like one person but not the other but i would never have the nerve to only invite one of them and if anyone did it to me there would be no way they would be invited to my wedding. If i'm not good enough for them their not good enough for me!
Reply:Doing it for my fiancee'...the man I love and plan on spending the rest of my life with...the man I would do anything for? Yes I would invite them if that's what he wanted. I may not exactly be cordial, but I'd still invite them.
Reply:I would be royally ticked off. That's for sure. That said, invite them. You may not want to, you may not understand why your fiance wants to, but it shows you to be the mature and grown up one. To not invite someone because s/he and another guest wouldn't get along? Ridiculous! Depending on the guest list count, you may not even see them save for once when they congratulate you. And that's assuming they even come. It sounds like "Jane" is someone who needs to grown up and realize that high school is over. Be the bigger person. Its your day, but just let her see how happy you are and aren't letting her ruin it. Hey, you might even get a gift out of it! Good luck on this, I hope everything works out.
Reply:I think the Jane and John inviting Peter but not Shelby to their wedding due to one guest is rude.

My husband would have said to them either we both attend their wedding or neither of us do.

They wouldn't have been invited to our wedding because my husband wouldn't continue close contact with a couple that were so blantly rude to me and also, more indirectly to him.
Reply:i'm facing that delima myself.

i wasn't invited to 2 weddings of ppl that i'm inviting to mine

i don't feel that that means i/we care more about them then they do me/us

if they decline they decline, if they accept then that's 2 more ppl i/we care about that i/we get to share our special day with

we can afford to have them so i/we'll invite them.

if our budget was smaller i would cut them
Reply:Honestly, I would, then plan a better wedding than hers just to make her jealous.


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